Welcome. The aim of the new edition of the book, Art Practice as Research, is to encourage new ways of helping visual arts practitioners pursue imaginative and independent forms of inquiry. The book is not so much a text to be read, but explores issues to be debated, ideas to be contested, and images to be re-imagined. Since its initial publication in 2005, communities of practitioners have used Art Practice as Research for many different purposes and this speaks to the capacity of artful thinking and mindful practice to generate critical and creative research. To ensure this site becomes a useful place that explores the liquid structure of the many varied practices of artist-researchers the resources are made available as open source materials. You are free to use, share, and further distribute the content of this site.

The story of Art Practice as Research begins with artists who consider their practice to be incisive, robust, and fearless and who are very willing to explore all kinds of theories and practices of inquiry in all types of settings. This site opens up portals that expand what is unique about art practice as research because new understandings are created from what we don’t know, and this profoundly changes what we do know.

Graeme Sullivan.

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